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Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, ALCL

ALCL is a rare tumour that affects the scar capsule that forms around breast

It has occurred with both rough and smooth walled implants, but the tumour
is associated, more, with aggressive texturing, which is why these implants
have been withdrawn.

This action potentially creates other problems for patients, as texturing is
associated with lower capsular contraction rates and there are lower
rotation rates of shaped implants which have rougher surfaces.  The risks
for any individual are very low.

Family history of breast cancer does not increase those risks.

The problem has been seen in joint replacements as well as breast implants.
I have no cases of ALCL.

In any patient presenting with late swelling of the breast, ALCL should be
considered, but it is only one of the potential causes for late swelling.
The condition is rare.

There is no indication for removing implants as a result of Allergan
withdrawing their coarsely textured implants from the market. The risks
from revision surgery outweigh any risks from ALCL and the risks from any
surgery are extremely low.

If you have concerns, please come back and see me.