Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery Consultations in Liverpool, Manchester & Cheshire

Consultation is one of the most important parts of the treatment process.

It is where you can voice your concerns and where, after examination, we will discuss the treatment options. You should feel completely comfortable with any treatment proposed.

We will ask about your past illnesses and operations as well as your medication, any allergies and whether you smoke. You must be open and declare these in full, including any psychiatric problems. They can affect your result and the risks of complications.

As well as positive benefits, surgery has limitations and potential complications. These will be explained in full. You must consider these, before undergoing treatment.


The elasticity and quality of your skin can have an impact on outcome. Skin will always return to its natural tone.


All surgical procedures leave scars and these and their position will be explained to you. The quality of any scar is determined by the way you heal. Surgeons put the wounds together neatly. Hopefully your scars will be fine lines, but they can thicken up or stretch. I can modify or revise scars, but you do the healing. A new cream, Solution for Scars, developed by Douglas McGeorge, can significantly improve scars and reduce discomfort and itching.


Cutting the skin exposes a risk of infection. This is unusual and antibiotics may be given to reduce that risk. It is more common when wounds have to be pulled tight, when there may be areas of breakdown because of the tension. When going through thicker fatty tissue, lumpy areas can be left, (fat necrosis). Infection can slow the recovery. If implants become infected, they may need removal.

Haematoma (Collection of blood)

Bleeding can occur after surgery and may require further treatment. Where the risks are higher drains may be used to prevent collections. Fluid can collect afterwards, (a seroma). This often settles without further intervention.

Thrombosis (DVT)

Thrombosis is extremely rare in cosmetic surgery. Appropriate measures are taken to minimize the risk. These include support stockings, calf compression boots, early mobilization and, when indicated, anticoagulants.


Surgery creates numb areas locally, which usually recover with time. Breast surgery can interfere with nipple sensation.

Treatment specific problems

Some procedures have specific risks associated with them:

  • Implants are chosen for you. They form scars around them, which can tighten and make the breast round and feel firm – capsular contraction – shrinkage of the scar capsule. They can be felt through thin tissues.
  • There is risk of nerve damage in face and brow lifting and in some hand operations.
  • Eyes can feel dry and gritty after eyebag surgery for some time, (you will be asked if you have dry eyes).
  • Blindness is a very rare complication of eye surgery, (you are not exposed to the known risk factors).
  • Asymmetry exists in all of us. Surgery helps create a balance between sides, sometimes using different techniques.
  • Occasionally adjustments are required.
  • The blood supply to tissue can be threatened. This is particularly so in breast reduction and where there is previous scarring.
  • Techniques are chosen to minimize this risk.

Secondary surgery

It is not always possible to treat problems with a single procedure. If this is the case, it will be discussed. Limitations of healing may mean that adjustments are sometimes required. These are usually covered by the fixed cost package. Every effort is made to make treatment a one-stage procedure but surgery is not a precise science.


Your anticipated recovery will be discussed in full. This will include your requirement for pain relief, the timing of dressing and stitch removal, time to take off work and to get back to exercise. Scars are pink for some months after and make up may be used to disguise them. Sunshine should be avoided whilst they are pink, to minimize the risk of pigment changes.

Surgery is for your benefit and you must be comfortable with all aspects before undergoing treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, about any issue, we can always be contacted through our secretary, information is available on the website or come back and see us. There is no charge for follow-up for fixed cost procedures.