Botox Injections

Welcome to APS where we specialise in the safe and effective use of Botulinum Toxin, commonly known as Botox®, to address various facial concerns associated with aging. Our expertly administered treatments selectively paralyse facial muscles, preventing contractions and furrowing that lead to wrinkles, offering a non-invasive solution for a more youthful appearance.

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Reasons for Considering Botulinum Toxin Treatment:

Excessive facial wrinkles.

Heavy wrinkles or furrows in your forehead.

Vertical “frown lines” between your eyebrows.

Small wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around your eyes.

Excessive armpit sweating.

Understanding The Journey

Our treatments are carried out in our state-of-the-art consulting suite, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy, our experts strategically inject small amounts of Botox® into targeted areas. This blocks nerve impulses to facial muscles, inducing relaxation and smoothing out the overlying skin. Common treatment areas include the horizontal forehead furrows, vertical lines between the eyebrows, and “crow’s feet” creases around the eyes. Botox® can also effectively reduce excessive armpit sweating.

Patients typically resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. While bruising is uncommon, any potential discoloration can be easily covered with makeup. The effects of Botox® in facial treatments last up to 6 months, with armpit sweating treatments lasting for 9-12 months. As the nerves recover and muscles regain function, the procedure can be repeated.

Complications are rare, and the treatment effect becomes evident within 24-72 hours. Occasionally, a top-up may be required for optimal results. Inexperienced administration may lead to interference with other muscle groups, resulting in a drooping eyelid or brow. Such occurrences are extremely rare in the hands of our skilled professionals and are self-limiting.

Choose APS for safe, effective, and expertly administered Botulinum Toxin treatments. Rediscover a smoother, more youthful look with our personalized solutions. Schedule a consultation today for transformative results that last.

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Rated Best Aesthetic Surgical Provider 2023

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