Facial Fillers

Welcome to APS, where we specialise in the art of facial rejuvenation through expertly administered fillers. Our fillers are designed to plump up facial furrows, add volume to the face, and enhance the lips, offering personalized solutions to address your aesthetic concerns.

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Reasons for Considering Facial Fillers:

Excessive facial or perioral wrinkles.

Heavy naso-labial folds extending down from the nose.

Deep marionette lines extending down from the corner of the mouth.

Forehead furrows at rest.

Thin lips.

Understanding The Journey

Our treatments are performed in the comfort of our consulting suite, providing a convenient and stress-free experience. While your own fat can be used in certain areas, we primarily use man-made fillers. Because of potential problems with permanent fillers, we absorbable, hyaluronic acid-based fillers. This offers excellent tolerance, a low incidence of complications, and results can last 6 months or more before re-treatment may be required.

Results are immediate, and patients can resume normal activities immediately post-procedure. Any redness around the injection sites usually resolves within 20-30 minutes. While bruising is uncommon, should it occur, it can be easily concealed with makeup. In the case of lip injections, minor swelling may occur but quickly subsides.

Complications following treatment are rare. Bruising is usually prevented by applying pressure during the procedure. Inflammation around injection sites is infrequent, and any initial redness settles within a short time frame. Importantly, treatments with hyaluronic acid can be reversed if needed, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Choose APS for transformative and personalized facial filler treatments. Rediscover a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance with our expert care. Schedule a consultation today for natural-looking and long-lasting results.

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Rated Best Aesthetic Surgical Provider 2023

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