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Labiaplasty, Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire

Labiaplasty is an operation to alter the size and appearance of the labia minora, (inner labia).
These are sometimes large and mishapen and can create functional problems.

Reasons for treatment

  • Reduce the size of large labia and improve symmetry
  • Reconstruct the vulva following childbirth
  • Treat hygiene issues that may lead to infections
  • Eliminate discomfort wearing tight clothes
  • Eliminate sexual embarrassment or avoidance of sexual activity

General procedure

Labiaplasty can be carried out under local anaesthetic, but for most a short general anaesthetic, as a day case, is preferred. Where possible the natural edge of the labia is preserved and the scars are well hidden. Some patients may require the scar being placed on the free edge of the labia.


Bruising and swelling is common and most patients feel more comfortable in light clothing or, even, leaving the area without covering. These usually settle by 2 weeks. Patients are advised to take things slowly during this period.

The sutures are dissolving but most patients will be reviewed at 10-12 days.

It should not be a painful procedure and most patients are back doing normal day to day activities by 2 weeks. Impact exercises and those that can create rubbing are best avoided for a month. Intercourse is also best avoided for a month, to allow the scars to settle and gain strength. Lubricants may be required to ease any discomfort as sexual activity is resumed.

Limitations and Complications

Any scarring is usually well hidden and mucosal scars normally settle well. Infection is uncommon, but patients will experience swelling and bruising. The mucosa on the labia is not strong and the swelling can cause the stitches to cheese wire through, creating a split in the wound. This may require a secondary adjustment once the tissues have softened. Sensation of the labial edge may take some months to return.
Labia are not symmetrical, but surgery should achieve balance between them

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