Welcome to APS, where we specialise in expert facelift procedures (Rhytidectomy) designed to rejuvenate and lift the skin of the cheeks and neck, restoring a fresh and youthful appearance. As the skin undergoes natural aging, it loses elasticity, leading to sagging and increased laxity, particularly in areas around the jowl and jawline. Our advanced facelift techniques involve the meticulous lifting and realignment of facial and neck skin, targeting deeper layers for a natural and enduring result, without the outdated windswept look.

Benefits of Our Facelift Procedure:

Smooth and firm skin of the cheeks and neck.

Achieve a fresh, youthful appearance.

Lift deeper layers for a better quality and longer-lasting result.

Natural and rejuvenated look without excessive skin pulling.

Often performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures, such as eyelid surgery.

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Understanding The Journey

Our facelift surgeries are conducted under general anaesthesia, with most patients spending one night in our state-of-the-art facilities. The procedure involves lifting and repositioning the skin of the cheeks and neck, tightening the deep layers and carefully removing excess skin. Scars, strategically placed to minimise impact, run down from the temple, in or at the front edge of the hairline, around the ear, and back into the hairline behind the ear. The length of the scar is determined by the amount of tissue removed. Modern facelifting emphasises lifting the deeper layers for a natural outcome with better scarring. Sometimes an incision is required underneath the chin to tighten the muscles at the front of the neck.

Post-surgery, patients are nursed upright overnight to minimise swelling. Drains may be placed around the ear to reduce the chance of hematomas. Simple analgesia is usually sufficient for pain management. Most patients can return home the morning after surgery, with stitches in front of the ear removed after 5 days, and sutures and clips behind the ear removed 5-7 days later. Swelling typically lasts around 5-6 days, with bruising resolving within 14 days. Makeup can often conceal bruising after 10-14 days, and most patients resume normal activities within 3 weeks. However, neck and cheek tissues may feel stiff for some weeks, with numbness persisting for a number of months. Impact exercise is best avoided for 4-5 weeks.

Complications are uncommon, with infection being rare. Haematomas are unusual and may require drainage. Avoiding aspirin in the month before surgery is important to reduce the risk of bleeding. Scars typically settle well, and the use of Solution for Scars, initiated a week before surgery, has been shown to improve scar outcomes. Wound healing problems are uncommon with modern facelifting techniques, and the risk of damaging facial nerve branches is very rare. Some laxity may redevelop in the neck skin as neck movements return. Surgery effectively removes the excess.

At APS we combine expertise, innovation, and personalized care to provide you with a revitalized and naturally rejuvenated appearance. Schedule a consultation today and discover the transformative benefits of our advanced facelift procedures.

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Rated Best Aesthetic Surgical Provider 2023

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