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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures In Liverpool, Manchester & Cheshire

Because of their short down times and the fact that these treatments can be carried out in the consulting room, non-surgical treatments have become very popular. They treat the “rendering” rather than put the “building blocks” back in place, but are ideal for treating the texture of the skin and facial wrinkles.

As no specialist facilities are required, these treatments are offered by a vast array of clinicians, nurses, dentists, and technicians. Worryingly treatments are sometimes given by individuals with dubious qualifications and little if any training. An understanding of the ageing process and the anatomy of the face is vital in achieving good results.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Below are the full range of non-surgical treatments that we offer

Non surgical procedures, including Botox and fillers are now available at
the Chester Wellness Centre, (01244 680214).

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