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Facial Fillers In Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire

Fillers can be used to plump up facial furrows and add volume to the face and lips. Although your own fat can be used in certain areas, this requires treatment within a hospital. Man made fillers can be used in the consulting suite. These fillers can be either absorbable or permanent.

Permanent fillers can cause problems because of the difficulties in removing them if complications occur and the most widely used fillers are absorbable, based on hyaluronic acid. They are well tolerated, with a very low incidence of complications and will usually last 6 months or more before re-treatment is required.

Reasons for Considering Facial Fillers:

  • Excessive facial or perioral wrinkles.
  • Heavy naso-labial folds extending down from the nose.
  • Deep marionette lines extending down from the corner of the mouth.
  • Forehead furrows at rest.
  • Thin lips.

General Procedure

Treatment can be carried out in the consulting suite. Local anaesthetic injections and creams can be used but most patients tolerate the injections of filler without them. The hyaluronic acid preparation is injected into the hollow of the wrinkle to plump it up. Results are seen immediately. Sometimes preparations of different viscosity are used to improve the results.

Recovery Process

Patients generally return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. There may be some redness around the injection sites which resolves in 20-30 minutes. Bruising from the injections is unusual, but, if it does occur, can be covered with make up.

When lips are injected, there may be some minor swelling which quickly settles.

Limitations and Complications

Complications following treatment are rare. As mentioned, bruising can occur, but pressure on the injection sites during the procedure usually prevents this. Inflammation around the injection is rare and the initial redness seen settles within 20-30 minutes.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid can be easily reversed if it is over done, or patients do not like the effect.

Non-Surgical Treatments

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