Gynaecomastia (Men Breast Reduction)

Welcome to APS, where we specialise in male breast reduction, providing transformative solutions for Gynaecomastia—a common condition that can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness about one’s appearance.

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Understanding The Journey

Gynaecomastia often begins during puberty due to hormonal changes, affecting most teenage boys with some degree of breast enlargement. While this typically resolves, up to 10% of young adults may experience residual fullness. Our western lifestyle exacerbates the issue, with up to 1 in 3 older men facing Gynaecomastia. While some medications and medical conditions can contribute, many cases have no discernible cause. Some patients may need further investigation to exclude other medical problems.

Breast tissue comprises of firm glandular and soft fatty elements. When fatty tissue is the primary concern, liposuction may treat the problem. However, when glandular tissue is predominant, male breast surgery, sometimes complemented by liposuction, is required. Significant skin excess might require reduction, resulting in more noticeable scarring. General anaesthesia is typically recommended for optimal comfort during the procedure.

Liposuction involves discrete incisions, while excision leaves scars, usually around the nipple edge. The use of Solution for Scars can aid in scar management.

Post-surgery, expect bruising and swelling. Dressings may be applied to support the skin. Patients are usually advised to wear a tight, elastic sports top for 2-4 weeks. The procedure is generally not painful, and simple analgesia suffices. Most individuals resume daily activities within 2 weeks, but impact exercise is best postponed for a month. Swelling may persist for several months in some cases.

Complications are uncommon in cosmetic surgical procedures. If excision of glandular tissue is necessary, there is a risk of haematoma formation and drains are used. Infection is rare. Both liposuction and excision may leave contour irregularities, occasionally, necessitating revision surgery for optimal results.

At APS we offer personalised male breast reduction procedures tailored to your unique needs. Regain confidence and achieve a more contoured chest with our expert care. Schedule a consultation today for transformative results.

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Rated Best Aesthetic Surgical Provider 2023

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Rated Best Aesthetic Surgical Provider 2023

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